Delilah Pistol
Delilah Pistol
A collective of freelance creatives.


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General Sitemap



This is a great place for a beautiful image to really create a real landing moment. Adding any information to this page will make the site feel more like a service and less like an experience.



We want to keep things simple with a large amount of white space. This will keep the look and feel editorial.


The Studio

Instead of laying the images out in a grid, let’s scatter them to make them feel more intentional. We’ll separate the sections with white space and descriptors for each studio.



Let’s remove imagery from this page. That way the payment instructions and additional information can be interpreted without distraction.



We’re into image of the space and a minimal form to the right. This is also a great place to add socials or tie users to an email list.



25 hours at $100/hr = $2500 before revisions.